My biggest worry is the epilepsy that both Ajax and Stamp suffer from, and that they have not been seen by a vet for three months. They have had this all their lives, as litter brothers. They seem to suffer more fits in the warm weather. I have been able to monitor them and their vet is very good, but what if the person who has them doesn’t know what to do? What if they take Ajax and Stamp swimming and one has a fit, he could drown!

Both Ajax and Stamp are very nervous dogs, and I have read that these types are harder to get back because people think such xenophobic dogs are victims of abuse. They misread the dog’s natures as caused by a bad environment when this couldn’t be more wrong,

Ajax and Stamp were cared for with devotion and loved like beloved grandchildren. They were not greatly socialised because they spent a lot of time with my sick husband Arthur until, sadly he died, this year.

I didn’t have a lot of time to take them to obedience classes although Ajax and Stamp were walked and taken to the dog park. Especially in the last years of caring for Arthur, I couldn’t take the time for a lot of socialisation,.but Ajax and Stamp were our beloved home companions,

If you know anything about Ajax and Stamp, please remember they love theirfamily and their home. I love them. We know them best and we know their complex medical issues and how to handle their natural timid natures.

Being away from home will stress them and I can assure anyone who has them, when you see them jump into my arms, you will know where they need to be,

Please call Petsearch on 1300 309 004 urgently if you know anything at all about Ajax and Stamp.


2 thoughts on “Epilepsy.

    • Sadly, Barb, Ajax and Stamp are not home yet. I am still searching for them. They are still missing, despite a $2500 reward, thousands of posters and constant advertising, plus the help of their friends on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/AjaxandStamp

      It is almost inconceivable that a person could pick two healthy beautiful desexed older dogs off the road and not return them to their family, with all the advertising begging for their return.

      I am still actively searching for Ajax and Stamp because they are out there somewhere. I just have to find my fur-babies.

      Thank you for your comment.

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