REWARD $2500

I am posting a reward of $2500 for information leading to the return of Ajax & Stamp.

Anyone with information, however small you think it is, please contact me.

The reward is to be financed by the sale of my husband’s battery-powered wheelchair, which we bought not very long before his death.



4 thoughts on “REWARD $2500

  1. hi my name is julie a week ago i saw a guy walking two dogs that look similiar, two your dogs i was just reading the local messenger and came across your advert.i saw the dogs on campbell rd elizabeth downs . it could be just coincdence so i dont want to get your hopes up in case its not them.i will go back and start searching for them because someone must know something what happened to them .i feel very touched by your posting and will find away to get them back, i think someone took them in and realy dont understand the consequences are. just a thought do all vets scan dogs for micro chips ,maybe thats a way they can be found if they ever go to a vet..i will keep in touch.

    • Julie,
      Thank you very much for the information. Don’t worry about getting my hopes up. I follow up all sightings and I would rather people contact me about dogs that do not turn out to be Ajax and Stamp than have no calls at all. That is a lot better than when the phone is quiet or there are no messages. One of the sightings must turn out to be them one day.

      Ajax and Stamp and I rely on observant people like you to help find them. They are out there somewhere, someone has them. Where-ever they are, I know they want to be home here, with their family.

      I will keep an eye on the area you saw those dogs and put some posters around Campbell Road. Hopefully I will see them. Do not approach anyone if you see the dogs, just let me know. You can text me on 040148928 if you like or leave a comment here.

      About vets, unfortunately, not all vets scan all the dogs that come to see them. In fact when my family have taken their dogs have been taken to a different vet, the dogs were not scanned. Ajax and Stamp have been looked after by the same wonderful vet since they were born and he knows them as much as he knows his own dogs. Lee from Petsearch sent leaflets to all the vets around the area when Ajax and Stamp went missing, and again a few weeks ago.

      I also advertise the every week or fortnight in the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper Friday Trader in the For Sale section with a photo, as i think more people will read the ad there than in the Lost & Found Section.

      On their Facebook page I regularly put updates on my search for my boys. Many people are helping now and I am very grateful for the support.

      Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it and I hope it leads a happy reunion.

      I believe Ajax and Stamp will come home one day, and I will keep searching for them, because I love them so much.

  2. Hi My mum has seen one dog like yours in the park behind her house. She lives in (removed by moderator) every morning and afternoon . She has seen the dog mainly in the morning (6.30 -7am) over the last month or so . Last sighted last week . Good luck ! Kerry

    • Thank you Kerry, for the information.

      I know about that dog, it is a female one who has been there for a while now. Someone said she was left behind when some people moved out of their house so she went to live in the park. The council have been contacted but they can’t catch her. She is very shy and hides if anyone comes near her.

      It is very important no-one goes near her or scares her. (It is not a good idea to approach a dog that you do not know. Scared dogs can be unpredictable.)

      A lovely woman from a dog rescue group is caring for her. She has been able to feed the dog every day and get within a couple of metres of her. We hope to rescue the dog before winter sets in, by building up her trust and confidence. It could take a couple of months but the poor little dog has shelter and water and is being fed and will be rescued.

      When she is rescued she will be checked for a microchip in case the people who left her behind stole her or found her somewhere and kept her (which is theft too!). She may have a family missing her like I do Ajax and Stamp. If not, the dog rescue group and the Animal Welfare League will will help her to relearn to trust people and find her a new home.

      Please do not go near her, or talk too much about her to others in case curious people go there and scare her off. She may go onto a dangerous road or move where we can’t find her and where she has no water or shelter.

      When she is rescued I will post the news here.

      Thank you for your help.

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