Ajax and Stamp Lost Dog Posters

If you need Acrobat reader, http://www.adobe.com/uk/downloads


Please download, print, and put up posters anywhere you think may help (while keeping within any laws in your area) to help find Ajax and Stamp. Thank you.


Ajax and Stamp july12 one page lost dog poster Word 07

Ajax and Stamp july12 one page lost dog poster Word Document.

Ajax and Stamp july12 lost dog poster Word Document.

POSTERS BY ANDREW January 2012 (Many thanks to Andrew.)

$2500 REWARD LOST DOGS-ajax and stamp A4

$2500 REWARDS LOST DOGS ajax and stamp A5

To print A5 leaflets, see the instructions below.

POSTERS MADE BY AMANDA DECEMBER 2011 (I am very grateul for this help.)

ajaxstamp Lost Poster AMANDA’S  Version Colour December 2011

ajaxstamp- Lost Poster AMANDA’S  Version in black & white, December 2011

These are in both a colour and a black & white versions, in PDF documents. Each is on two pages which means it can be printed as one A4 poster. or as two A5 leaflets on an A4 page. Instructions on how to do this are set out below. Email me at ajaxstamp@hotmail.com if you need help with this.


Ajax and Stamp Still Lost Poster 25 October 2011.

Ajax and Stamp Lost Poster (PDF File)  (Old poster)


To do A5 leaflets, after clicking on Print, go into Properties or Settings, then set  to A4, and Landscape, and  Print 2 pages on  a single sheet.

If you want to print the colour version in black and white, you can select grayscale and Best quality, but it will use less ink if you download the the black & white poster and print that.

These colour posters are already displayed in many shops, community notice-boards, hotels and staff-rooms in the northern Adelaide area, but I physically cannot get them everywhere. You can help by printing and distributing these posters  as many kind people already have done . A huge thanks from my heart goes to you all.

As my Ajaxie and Stampey have not been found anywhere in the Salisbury North  area of Adelaide, South Australia and other parts of South Australia. They have not turned up in any councils-pounds or shelters, we think some-one may have re-homed them in another area. This could even mean in other states.  As these dogs have never been away from their home in their lives, ( they even slept in my bed), being away from home will distress them. They may even escape to try to get back home, and be seen running in any street a long time after getting lost.

Ajax and Stamp will always want to come home.

No matter how kind a new owner might be (and I hope they are), they will always want to be home with their doggy Mum and Dad, Chelsea and Trafford, (who miss their kids terribly) and their human family (who do too).

Please print out the poster (in colour if you can) and put it up in your local shops or club-rooms,staff-room or anywhere.

We never know which poster will be the one that causes that wonderful call that brings  Ajax and Stamp home. It could be you who puts it up or emails it to your friends, or shares it on Facebook or Twitter.

You could bring them home,





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