Have you seen Ajax and Stamp, my two lost dogs?

Ajax and Stamp are still missing.

Update: 15 August 2011. I have added the lost poster to this site so you can help by printing it out and displaying it in your area, please.

Email: ajaxandstamp@hotmail.com

On 19th July, 2011, my two beloved dogs somehow got out of their yard. They were last seen on that day, running in the playground of the Primary School on Bagsters Road, Salisbury North, in Adelaide, South Australia. They could be anywhere by now, as they did not have their collars on, and some-one may have taken them in as strays. However, they are micro-chipped and registered.

That is the last I have heard of them, and despite reporting them to the council, animal welfare, vets, and posting their details on Facebook and Twitter, they are not back home.

If you see them, please let me know, so my heartbreak and pain of losing my much-loved companions can end, and these dogs can come back to the only home they have ever known. Their mother, Chelsea and father, Trafford, are missing them and their next visit to the vet is soon due.

Ajax is white with a red-head and red base to his tail. He is the taller of the two. being about 36cm or 13 or 14 inches at the shoulder, with floppy ears. He is a de-sexed male, about 8 years old.

Stamp is his litter brother. He is also a de-sexed male of about 8 years old. He is white with a brown tan head and patches on his body and base of his tail. His tan is darker than Ajax. He has a stocky build, is about 133 cm or approximately 12 inches at the shoulder. He has floppy ears.

Dogs, Stamp and Ajax

Front sitting down - Stamp, Rear, Standing - Ajax


Ajax, the bouncy boy who can catch a treat or chase a ball and hides under the bed when the vet visits.


Stamp, the puppy whose life I saved when I delivered him. His mum Chelsea, who misses them both so much, could not give birth to her baby without my help.